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Ribbit CO2 measuring device that looks like a frog

Ribbit Network CO2 sensor

creating the world’s largest network of real-time greenhouse gas ob...

A sign saying 'fighting for our future'

Insights & guidance for philanthropists

We support emerging movements at the intersection across multiple s...

Screenshot of Carbon Hero project page

Carbon Neutral Company Certification

Arm companies with the solutions to reach net zero carbon so we can...

Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Turning carbon credits net positive

Insetting can only be done in FLAG/AFOLU industries, however carbon cr

Picture of chair with text on top: decarbonise your home, for a happy household and happy planet

Helping you decarbonise your home

building the world's most trusted marketplace for sustainable homes...

water colour examples surrounded by waste cosmetics packaging

Paint made from upcycled waste cosmetics

Giving artists the ability to spread an eco message louder than any...

Screenshots of the consumer-facing application

Online fashion upcycling platform

Wearex lets you donate, track and bring value back to unwanted clot...

Combining waste and fungi to a building material

Carbon-negative building material

Mykor decarbonises the construction industry by developing carbon-n...

Reusable water bottle standing in water with blurred background and Ocean Bottle logo

Collection of ocean-bound plastic

Ocean Bottle makes reusable bottles that save our oceans. Each bott...

person sitting in front of a laptop holding a smartphone and browsing through the Veond app

All-in-one Plant-based marketplace

Veond curates ethical solutions that support a vegan lifestyle...

Illustration of people exploring vertical farms, food workshop, tasting session, and buying locally grown produce

Growing produce locally at scale

We establish small-scale, locally run food-growing community centre...

Livings brand name

Greening your home

Plants can change the world. It's time to start regrowing them...