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Wearex - an online fashion upcycling platform giving your clothing a second-life

Berlin, Germany
Circular Economy
Responsible Consumption & Production
Sustainable Cities & Communities
Waste Management


Our vision is to make circularity the new norm in fashion. Our mission is to offer the new norm for circular fashion: an upcycling platform that facilitates the connection between you and the person who makes your clothes, enables you to shop with accountability in mind, extends the lifecycle of your clothes, and empowers the next generation of upcycling brands.

Screenshots of the consumer-facing application

Why This Project?

Do you have an overcrowded closet at home with clothes you see no value in or never wear? You're not alone. In Germany 1 million tonnes of clothing waste is collected annually. And not even donating these clothes is a safe way to dispose of them anymore, 10% are thrown directly into landfills and almost half are exported to external countries. We don't deal with our own waste, we make someone else do it. Wearex offers a place where you can donate, track and bring value back to your unwanted clothes. By uploading your clothes on our platform, in exchange for in-store credits, your waste is connected to upcycling brands that transform this into new valuable clothing that you and those in your community can buy. With wearex you can trace your waste from your closet to its new life and have the peace of mind you deserve.

Project Needs
Mentorship (circularity, sustainable startup, fashion industry, financial planning), Advisors, Software development, UX design

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