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Insights & guidance for philanthropists

The Movements Trust
United Kingdom (Global in focus and outputs)
Affordable & Clean Energy
Air Pollution
Built Environment
Circular Economy
Clean Water & Sanitation
Climate Finance
Climate Justice
Food Systems & Zero Hunger
Quality Education
Regenerative Agriculture
Responsible Consumption & Production
Sustainable Cities & Communities
Waste Management


We support emerging movements at the intersection across multiple sectors to effect change: climate and ecological action, social justice, deprivation, economic, social and democratic decision-making. We provide 1. Financial infrastructure - We provide fiscal sponsorship so that informal movements can use the Trust’s charitable status to access funds and other support. 2. Grants - In 2022-23 we are piloting a regranting programme to develop best practice in accessible funding distribution, to amplify the work of movements and increase their impact. 3. Ecosystem building - We are movement mapping to amplify the intersectional breadth of movements and to help them attract the support they need. 4. Philanthropic consulting - Social movements struggle to find funds and exert sustainable influence - we are helping to shape the philanthropic landscape and change the way funds are distributed to build a just and sustainable society.

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Why This Project?

We're developing our fourth operational strand: reducing the gaps in knowledge and collaboration interaction between grassroots groups / social movements and philanthropists. We've mapped the space and we're now planning an array of convenings, facilitated discussions and consulting support to enable funders to better understand how to give with impact in the activism campaigning space.

Project Needs
Contacts and connection making, Donor and major gift cultivation, Facilitation and session structure building, Marketing creatives, Graphic designers

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Sarah Greenfield Clark