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Switching your money out of banks funding fossil fuels

Switch It
London, UK | Los Angeles, US
Climate Finance
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Switch It aims to switch billions out of banks and pensions destroying the planet, by harnessing the power of switching our personal finances. Since the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement, the world's top banks have invested £2.7trillion dollars into the fossil fuel industry. And only 1 in 5 HSBC and Barclays customers know that their money is being invested into destructive industries in their name. We know that the power of individual action taken collectively has the power to make a difference, enact change on a systemic level, influence policy and change the course of the climate crisis.

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Why This Project?

Switch It is a tool and campaign supporting individuals, businesses and universities to switch their money en masse. We have built a simple tool which rates banks, energy providers and pensions on their green credentials, and shows users how to maximise the impact of their switch via different actions. We aim to roll out 50 switching campaigns in universities and businesses empowering 5,000 individuals to switch £5billion worth of lifetime deposits out of destructive industries over the next year.

Project Needs
Graphic Designer, Marketing Lead (Lead Generation), Web Dev Expertise, Researcher / Data Analyst, Community Manager

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