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A renewable alternative to gas that boosts your health and happiness, while dropping your bills

Smart Reflectors
Bromley, UK
Affordable & Clean Energy
Built Environment
Carbon Sequestration


We all want to use green energy, but often solar panels or heat pumps are just too expensive or take too long to pay for themselves, even worse we may not own the property we live in so simply don't have a choice. Smart Reflectors are an easily accessible clean alternative to gas, that are more affordable in every way. They not only offer CO2 free heat, but also cool while cooling the planet, or can top up any solar powered device such as solar panels, solar powered coolers, or various emerging technologies to produce solar fuels or even capture carbon. Not only do you no longer have to pay money to a fossil fuel utility company, but you can even sell your energy to your neighbours, effectively becoming your own renewable energy business. They not only save you money but also boost your vitamin D and improve your sleep. This boosts your immune system, helping you live a healthier, happier, longer life and reducing the risk of cancer. Our mission is to offer the world a cleaner, better form of renewable energy, breaking our addiction fossil fuels and giving us a brighter future.

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Why This Project?

Even a decade ago before noticeable changes to our climate 90% of us wanted to switch to clean energy, but still today for many of us that leap is either too expensive, will take too long to pay for itself, or simply isn't an option. Applying IoT technology to solar tracking reflectors can significantly reduce their cost. As they no longer have to be built to face hail and storms head on, they can be made from more affordable lightweight materials, simply closing before any online forecasted bad weather approaches, so these Smart Reflectors can handle worse weather and last longer than the older more expensive reflectors. We can break the above trend by providing Smart Reflectors as a renewable alternative to the largest energy sector - heat (currently 50% of our energy end use – IEA 2019) using a similar pricing structure to our fossil fuel competitors such as gas, but being more affordable in every way. To raise initial funds for a limited period we can sell Smart Reflectors at around £150 each, half the price per kW of our cheapest competitor's solar reflector. Once this has funded mass production we can switch to the above pricing model, then offer units to existing customers for purchase whenever we require further funds. With mass production, we can reduce prices until the reflectors are more affordable than gas for industrial than domestic heating.

Project Needs
Maker, Hardware, Product Design, Machinist, Anyone with experience bringing a product to market

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