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Ribbit Network CO2 sensor

Ribbit Network
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Ribbit Network is a non-profit organization creating the world’s largest network of real-time greenhouse gas (GHG) observations. Ribbit Network’s open-source, low-cost, CO2 sensors upload their observation data to the cloud in real time, empowering anyone to join in the work on addressing the climate crisis, and provide informed data for climate action. These observations will allow people everywhere to monitor CO2 concentrations, locate emissions sources, and hold ourselves accountable through corporate, government, and individual actions to reduce GHG emissions.

Ribbit CO2 measuring device that looks like a frog

Why This Project?

We know that increased levels of greenhouse gasses (GHG), like carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4), are the primary causes of climate change, and humanity is pumping them into the atmosphere at an unprecedented rate! However, we do not yet have a map of the world that can tell us the GHG concentration at any spot in real-time. The Ribbit Network was created to generate this missing map of GHG concentrations. By creating and deploying the world’s largest network of CO2 sensors, we will form a better picture of CO2 concentrations, and engage with a worldwide community of citizen scientists.

Project Needs
We are looking for a sensor development lead. full description:

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