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Planet Friendly Paint, Zero-waste watercolour paint for artists made from upcycled waste cosmetics

Planet Friendly Paint
Portsmouth, UK
Circular Economy
Waste Management
Responsible Consumption & Production


Planet Friendly Paint is giving artists the ability to spread an eco message louder than any words can reach through the power of art by upcycling waste makeup into unique, zero-waste watercolour paints. This innovative approach to waste reduction aims to help cosmetic retailers to achieve their sustainability goals whilst allowing everyday people to be involved in a larger, yet practical change by encouraging the local community to donate expired and unwanted make-up to be upcycled in our unique artists' paint palettes. By building a bridge between the cosmetics industry and arts & crafts, we can help save the world together, one brushstroke at a time!

water colour examples surrounded by waste cosmetics packaging

Why This Project?

It was revealed in June 2020 that the market value for just colour cosmetics for the eyes and face in Great Britain alone is £967.9 million GBP. This number is only growing with the digital growth of social media marketing trends. Meanwhile, French beauty companies currently destroy €180m of products every year! Numerous cosmetic retailers in Europe are now required to deal with their cosmetic waste by law in order to tackle over 120 billion units of cosmetic packaging produced globally each year. Our approach to waste reduction aims to help retailers achieve their sustainability goals via everyday people that love to paint! Consumers have shown that they want positive environmental change and have the power to vote with their pockets and their social media influence. In order for brands and retailers to keep up and compete in the ever-evolving cosmetics industry, they are adapting to their customers wants and needs. Recycling solutions for cosmetic packaging exist, refill schemes for cosmetics exist, but what about the pigmented colour cosmetics that actually hold the value which we can no longer use? That's where we fit into the circular economy puzzle perfectly. By creating Planet Friendly Paint with a purpose, we can encourage those with influence at all levels to get involved in making an effort to choose how we treat our planet.

Planet Friendly Paint
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Open to any support. Specifically marketing & advertising, Sales, Strategy

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