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Ocean Bottle, Moving from pilot to commercialisation

Ocean Bottle
London, UK
Waste Management
Circular Economy
Responsible Consumption & Production


Ocean Bottle makes reusable bottles that save our oceans. Each bottle is smart chip activated and funds collection of ocean-bound plastic, whilst setting up recycling infrastructure in coastal communities with high levels of plastic pollution around the world. Plastic collectors are able to exchange plastic waste for money or digital tokens via blockchain technology to spend on tuition, tech goods, health care and micro-finance.

Reusable water bottle standing in water with blurred background and Ocean Bottle logo

Why This Project?

We are looking to scale the below proposition and we need help nailing the proposition for each vertical, accessing the right people to talk to in different organisations and ensuring it is set up to scale quickly to ensure we can maximise impact. Ocean Bottle are building a digital platform that tracks ecologically positive behaviours and rewards them with verified plastic collection, measuring and reporting individual or business level impact. This gives the opportunity for brands and organisations to: 1. Fund the collection of ocean-bound plastic where it's most needed (including locations like The Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, Ghana, Brazil, and India...); 2. Increase social mobility of millions of people from coastal communities most touched by plastic pollution, by exchanging plastic for revenue, access to health, ...; The benefits of this programme are: 1. You get to reflect your sustainable values with an impactful programme: we measure, track and verify all collections and you receive a monthly report outlining your positive impact on plastic and people. 2. You give the opportunity to your community to be sustainable with a simple action: through our research, we found that 99% of people want to be sustainable but that 88% find it very challenging. 3. You get access to our monthly content/collateral, which includes updates from the field which you can share within your website, socials, etc.

Project Needs
Marketing Expertise, Website Development, Donations, Mentorship

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