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In Good Company, find local and ethical businesses in your community

In Good Company
London, UK
Responsible Consumption & Production
Sustainable Cities & Communities


In Good Company is a new tech-for-good start-up which aims to help consumers find verified ethical local businesses and experiences in their city or when they are travelling. The growing 'good business' sector has a significant part to play in tackling the social and environmental problems facing the world, as well as our economy's future. But it needs to be put front and centre in people's lives. Our mission is to help champion and grow companies who are doing good so that they in turn can have an even bigger positive impact on the world. We aim to provide a new level of convenience and transparency will help unlock pent-up demand for finding local ethical businesses around us. We incorporated in December 2021 and we're already an accredited Living Wage Employer and member of the Good Business Charter. We’re also committing to invest a minimum of 10% of profits to directly support our mission and we’re aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 - responsible consumption and production.

three shop fronts of local and ethical businesses

Why This Project?

Consumers increasingly want to choose businesses who take their environmental and social impact seriously, but lack time and knowledge to find these businesses, and, with the rise of greenwashing, they don’t know who to trust. And they still want quality too. Whilst platforms are helping consumers buy more ethically online, there is nothing focused on helping them find ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses and experiences. In Good Company is a new digital platform for conscious consumers to discover the best ethical, eco and socially-conscious places to go, including cafes, restaurants, shops, salons and hotels, at the touch of a button. We short-cut the searching by partnering with established ethical accreditation bodies to verify the companies on our platform, helping to build trust. We also enable users to leave ratings and reviews to help people ensure they are getting quality too. We're launching in London later this year before expanding across the UK and to other cities around the world.

Project Needs
Social Media Strategy and Content Plan, Marketing Expertise, SEO

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