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Growing produce locally at scale for urban communities

Grow Home
London, UK
Food Systems & Zero Hunger
Quality Education
Regenerative Agriculture
Responsible Consumption & Production
Sustainable Cities & Communities
Waste Management


Grow Home's mission is to eliminate hunger in London by 2025 and create a "franchise" model for national and international replication. They envision local food centers in every neighbourhood the size and shape of an "off-licence" that grow food hydroponically. These food centers will provide job training and education to local people while reducing the cost and increase the availability of high-quality produce.

Illustration of people exploring vertical farms, food workshop, tasting session, and buying locally grown produce

Why This Project?

London has an incredible amount of disused properties. As an import economy, the UK is becoming more and more food insecure for an increasing amount of people. As fuel and other necessities increase in cost, we need viable, cheap ways to grow food at scale for our urban population centres. Our plan is to establish small-scale, locally run food-growing community centers. By eliminating travel costs and utilising the most energy and water-efficient growing methods, we will be able to drive the cost of staple produce way down, outcompeting other grocery stores on cost and quality. The purpose of this is to strengthen national food security, democratise the innovations happening in urban agriculture and educate people about how to grow and how to eat for a healthier planet and society.

Grow Home

Project Needs
Marketing Expertise, Website Development, Donations, Mentorship

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