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DesignTracker, helping decarbonise your home and make it beautifully sustainable

London, uk
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DesignTracker is building the world's most trusted marketplace for sustainable homes. We help you make your home more environmentally-friendly, more beautiful and more valuable. Our design concierge (in development) takes the heavy lifting out of retrofitting by connecting you with the most trusted products and services. Our index (the DesignTracker100) celebrates the best in sustainable home design by helping you confidently source and shop for beautiful interiors creating the eco home of your dreams in a way that fits your budget.

Picture of chair with text on top: decarbonise your home, for a happy household and happy planet

Why This Project?

Your home is your biggest asset. But it’s also the place that contributes most to your carbon footprint and to climate change (through operational and embodied carbon). We need to change how we live — not just to adapt to changing temperatures or rising energy bills, but to mitigate things getting worse. The global energy crisis has exposed how reliant we are on fossil fuels. In addition to this, the bulk of UK homes are below an acceptable level of energy efficiency and may not even be mortgageable in the future. In fact, unless we retrofit our homes we simply won’t meet climate targets. But our homes also hold the key to tackling climate change and DesignTracker is ready to unlock that by helping people start their sustainability journey in a place they all understand and love - the home.

Project Needs
Software development (full stack), Financial Strategy support, Fundraising connections, Partnerships, Researchers in build environment and sustainability, Social Media

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