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CitiPod zero-emission micromobility solution

Cambridge Electric Transport
Cambridge, UK
Sustainable Cities & Communities


CET was founded in 2017 as a sustainable transport innovator. In 2018 it launched its Bizbike commuter e-bike share service, working with major employers in Cambridge to encourage staff to switch from cars to bikes for their commutes. In 2020 it launched its Community E-bike Service in partnership with South Cambridgeshire District Council, Cambridgeshire County Council and South Cambridgeshire Zero Carbon Communities Fund to provide e-bike services for villages and towns. It is in discussions with the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority regarding the expansion of this service to all towns and large villages in Cambridgeshire. In parallel with this work, CET has been developing the CitiPod, a micromobility solution combining motor industry design standards with e-bike technology to create a highly inclusive, safe and weather-protected four-wheeler to provide active, green mobility for all ages and abilities. A cargo version is ideal for last-mile micro-deliveries. CET has formed Micromobility Innovation Ltd as a spin-off to focus on CitiPod development. We are working with design, engineering and manufacturing partners in the UK to develop an initial production run of vehicles in early 2023 and seeking production and commercialisation partners in other markets.

Visualisation of 2 people using a CitiPod

Why This Project?

The CitiPod vision: The future of urban mobility The CitiPod is an innovative urban transport solution for the multiple challenges faced by cities and towns. Enabling people to move effortlessly and cheaply without pollution of the environment is key to a city's economic success. However, most cities suffer from disastrous urban traffic congestion, parking limitations, CO2, NOx and other particulate pollution, Limited safe cycling routes, with reduced use in bad weather. Most urban journey are under 5km. These journeys do not require heavy, polluting vehicles. Electric cars are not the solution. Electric vehicles require a massive charging infrastructure, blight cities with particulate emissions, do not solve congestion problems. The CitiPod vision is bold. It will reduce urban transport carbon emissions to zero and cut energy consumption substantially, dramatically reduce congestion, reduce costs, making it affordable for everyone. The CitiPod offers an active and healthy travel mode at a low purchase price. It has low maintenance costs similar to those of an electric bike while allowing the rider to be protected from the weather. Citipods include a rear compartment to transport small children and/or shopping.

Cambridge Electric Transport
Project Needs
Marketing expertise, market research and validation, fund-raising

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