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All in one Plant-based marketplace.

Veond Ltd
London, UK | Lisbon, Portugal
Climate Justice
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Veond is a marketplace that connects businesses with the growing market of vegan and “vegan curious” consumers. Veond curates ethical solutions that support a vegan lifestyle. From consumer and household goods to personal care products, workshops and even dining experiences Veond is the one-stop shop making it easier for people to choose an ethical vegan lifestyle. Veond’s mission is to enable consumers to access everything they need, in an affordable and user-friendly way, in order to successfully adopt a plant-based diet, or cut the consumption of meat and dairy wherever possible. This will reduce the consumption of animal based products, the emission of greenhouse gases and lead to a shift in consumer behaviour, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable planet and society (focusing on SDGs 3 Good health and wellbeing, 12 Responsible consumption and production, 13 Climate action and 15 Life on land).

person sitting in front of a laptop holding a smartphone and browsing through the Veond app

Why This Project?

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of their choices on the environment. However, despite a growing interest in wanting to reduce meat and dairy consumption, consumers still struggle to access all the plant-based alternatives already available. This conclusion arose in 2019 from a study by The European Consumer Organisation, that shows that most EU consumers are open to eating more “plant-based” and live more sustainably but face hurdles. The main outcome of the report is that most consumers are willing to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. However, to be successful in that transition consumers need plant-based choices to become easily accessible. Price ranks first among the barriers to choosing more “plants” in nearly all countries. This then led to some internal research, which confirmed that 53% of the enquired people agreed that “high prices” of products and services were a barrier to adopting a plant-based life and out of that, 38.9% abandoned this process. Also, as confirmed by Veganuary UK one of the biggest challenges to people pledging to go Vegan in 2022 was eating/dining out. “Vegans and vegetarians often struggle to eat out at mainstream restaurants with friends and family, meaning that embracing a plant-based life can still be a not inclusive experience.” It has been proved that if mainstream restaurants add more and better vegan options, stronger relationships with non-meat eaters can be fostered and loyalty to restaurants increased (which has dramatically decreased during the pandemic). By promoting unique experiences at the dining table, Veond strengthens the relationship between restaurants and consumers' loyalty to restaurants increases as well as supporting them on their journey to an inclusive vegan/plant-based lifestyle. The solution is a daily “go-to” easy to use, trustworthy, sustainably focused in-app marketplace, where all environmentally aware consumers can browse and easily purchase curated 100% guaranteed vegan experiences and deals. Consumers are also able to increase their knowledge through articles, recipes and meal plans for free. In turn, this will promote not just the growth of sustainable and cruelty-free alternatives but will encourage more consumers to buy from ethical sources without the constraint of higher prices.

Project Needs
Marketing Expertise, Growth Hacker, Growth Strategist, Sales Development

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